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I am Mercedes De Vito, a psychologist specialized in uprooting. I especially deal with Latinos living abroad. I work by a mission: help you navigate your present without much pain...


About me

Hi. It is no coincidence you got here... You are seeking to return to your home, to your customs, to your essence, to yourself. How far away do you feel from yourself? How long have you've been gone? Or... How long have you been lost?

I've asked myself this question countless times, and it's there when the first thing I tend to do is to take a deep breath and try to feel as a part of this Universe; and then, thank life for the good and the bad. Everything has left me a teaching.


I attained a master's degree on Psychology at the Universidad del Salvador, and I currently specialize in uprooting. I've also accomplished:

  • Postgraduate degree in Human Resources (Universidad Católica Argentina)
  • Postgraduate diploma in Couple and Family (Psychotherapy Studies Center)
  • Introduction to Cognitive Therapy and its application to the various pathologies and Psychotropic Association (Cognitive Therapy Center)
  • Training in Anxiety Disorders (Cognitive Therapy Center)
  • Training in Positive Psychology (Foro Institution)
  • Assistant Professor of Practical Works in Projective Techniques (Universidad del Salvador)
  • Work at the Rivadavia Hospital in the Psychodiagnosis Area
  • Founder and director at the Argentinian Association of Tele Mental Health and IT (A.T.S.M.A.yT.I.)
  • Certified member at the TeleMental Health Training Certificate by the Telehealth Certification Institute
  • Student in Companion in Psychobiology (UNLI)

I also studied Astrology, Hero's Journey, Mayan Calendar, and Past Life Regression Therapy.

Languages: Spanish (native Castilian), English and Portuguese

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Phone +54 9 11 5314 4252

Skype mercedesdevito